Praktisk Info med Jon Almaas (TV-show)

In 2022 I was asked to write for Jon Almaas' popular talkshow "Praktisk Info" that airs on TVNorge, available at

Brille (TV-show)

In 2020 I was employeed by Feelgood TV to write the script for the popular science/comedy TV-show "Brille" that airs on TVNorge. So far I've written three season of this show, available at

Jenta som ikke kunne slutte å hikke

I wrote this childrens book for my first daughter. My wife had a condition where she would get the hiccups every single day (I know, it's weird), so I wrote this story about a girl who couldn't stop her hiccups and had to get help from her friends (all named after members of our close family). My daughters absolutly loves reading this book with fantastic illustration by the great Tim Levang. The book is self-published and out of print.

På tvers av Cuba på sykkel

I wrote an extensive journal while riding my bicycle across Cuba in 2011, and since that experience was such a turning point in my life I decided to write it all out into a book. I'm really happy I wrote this since it is packed with my own memories, but also a testament to how the rapidly changing Cuba was at that time. The book has many highlights, including the fact that I fell over dead on the second to last day of the bike ride. The book is self-published and out of print. I made the cover design myself.

Design articles

As Head of UX at the Lyse group I wrote several internal articles about the design discipline, investigative research and the results of our work. These are available on request.

OMG! One Million Giraffes

This book is co-created by me and Jessie Riley at Kitanie Publisher. It features all of the one million giraffes I collected through an art project I did in 2010. The book was very popular and was translated to three languages. It was published by Kitanie and is out of print.

One Million Giraffes Coloring Book

After the success of the first book from the One Million Giraffes-project, Kitanie Publisher wanted to release another one. This time it was a coloring book, and it also got very popular. The book was published by Kitanie and is out of print.

I thought some daisies might cheer you up...

As a young man in love I somehow wrote this monster of an impossible love story, back in 2004. It's 437 pages long and probably a really embarrassing read nowadays. The book was self-published and out of print.


I started my own blog in 2005 and kept it going until 2013. During those eight year I wrote over 30 000 posts (most of them just a header for an image/video/gif) and had a very loyal following. All the content is still there, though it is password protected.

Mention in master degree level curriculum

I didn't write this myself, but I think it's funny that I'm part of the curriculum for a master degree in strategic leadership. This is an excerpt from 'Strategisk ledelse' by Harald Knudsen and Bjørn-Tore Flåten, a book being used by several universities in Norway.


I've even collected a few of my drawings over the years here.