Systems either change or die

A 30 minute talk about product development and the importance of building systems that can change, because they will, or they will die. Held at a conference in Stockholm in 2022.

Designing to help save lives

A 20 minute keynote about how we at Laerdal Medical use the design process to help save lives. Held at the UDC 2022 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Boksen din er full av gode historier

A 20 minute talk about the importance of data, combined with feelings. And how you could set up an arcade machine to make your data the most accessible it can be. Held at a digital seminar for Kommunikasjonsforeningen in 2020.

Vitenskapen bak kundeinvolvering

A 20 minute talk about why and how to involve real users in the developement of services. A talk based on my own research and data, putting the real life examples up against the theories learned at school. Part of an on-going initiative to educate the company about the value of design thinking. Held continuously at many arenas at the Lyse group.

Nå ut eller nå frem?

A 20 minute talk about the exaggerated hype about reach and how we rather focus on actually transmitting a message. The talk includes real world observations, paired with our own data and experience. Held at a seminar in Stavanger in 2016.

A short history of our major failures

A 30 minute talk about all the failures the Lyse group has done in the last couple of years. I am passionate about learning, especially from mistakes. And I believe strongly in talking about failures and not hushing them down. This rather daunting talk explores the many, many, many major failures the company has done and what we can learn from them. Held in numerous arenas in the Lyse group.

Vinne over bankene på Sikt

A 10 minute pitch with a brand new concept based on the possibilities in the PSD2 EU-directive. Held in numerous interal arenas at the Lyse group in 2019.

Tall uten tull

A 30 minute talk about digital measurement, how if often sucks and how the Lyse group were trying to make it into a very useful tool. It's a walkthrough of my process and the tools I created for it succeed. Held at a seminar for Kommunikasjonsforeningen in Stavanger in 2018. I also held a compressed 10 minute version of this at "Fagdag om digitalisering" for Kommunikasjonsforeningen in Oslo in 2018 where I got to share the stage with Fredrik Marcus.

Culture shock

A 15 minute comedy talk about culture shock and my experiences with it having travelled to 50+ countries. Held at a conference at Brunel University in London in 2015.

Desire paths to design glory

A 30 minute talk about design thinking and how we can learn from desire paths. Held at a conference at Montclair State University in New Jersey in 2006.

Summoning the world to win a case of beer

A 20 minute comedy talk about how a case of beer was the reason behind people from over 100 countries sent me a total of one million giraffes. Just to prove Jørgen wrong. Held at the Gullblyanten awards in Oslo in 2011 where I got to share the stage with Jeremyville.

One Million Giraffes

A 5 minute Ignite talk about the One Million Giraffes-project. The concept is that I have no control of the slides and just have to go with the flow. Microphone is shut of after five minutes. Held at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco in 2010, in front of executives from Google, Facebook, Microsoft and MySpace (hah!).

Om å stikke halsen ut

A 30 minute talk about how the One Million Giraffes-project came about and the viral effect it had. Held at two conferances in 2011, one for the Næringsforeningen and at POL*2011, where I got to share the stage with Luke Wroblewski.

Å treffe en nerve på sosiale medier

A 30 minute talk about how I managed to engage the world in a silly cause through social media. The word viral hadn't been invented yet, but my project was already doing it. I shared some insight into how this was done and how I kept it going for 440 days. Held at a TRY/APT conference in Oslo in 2010. Also did a 10 minute version at a mixer for Nettverk Norge.

Engagement and conversations

A 60 minute talk/workshop about engagement on the internet. Held at a JCI conference in Sandnes in 2011.

One Night Stand-up

Back in 2007 I tried my hand as a stand-up comedian to win a bet. It was rather successful getting some media attention and ending up with a very high paying gig.