Five idiotic years

A music video I made for This Is Head. It consists of 1826 selfies taken on 1826 consecutive days, set to the song "XVI". This was started long before selfie was even a word.

Historien om Regnbue

My daughter Ella (4) made a book about a doll she made. She illustrated it herself and I animated her story! Her eyes were sooo wide when she realized her own drawings came to life on the TV and her story was told in a whole new way.

Ella og Brillebjørn lager smoothie

My oldest daughter loves Brillebjørn, a character from a childrens TV-show that visits three year olds and helps them out with their everyday issues. So for her third birthday I made an episode of Brillebjørn and her! It's fan fiction, but stays true to the formula of the show. She adores the episode and loves seeing herself on TV with her hero. We protect our daughters privacy, so this video is not on the web.

The world loves Pøllen

My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers and I wanted to do something special for his 65th birthday. He absolutely loves attention and being the focal point of any setting. So I asked the world to say happy birthday to him. And they did. People from 65 countries greated him on his 65th birthday. Probably the last celebration he actually remembered. The Norwegian media made quite a fuzz about this as well, and he just loved being on the front page of all the major newssites.

One Million Giraffes

A silly short film I made for a competition with a prize of 10 000 NOK, which I won! The film is a stopmotion explaination of the bet behind the One Million Giraffes-project I did.

Infomercial for a digital platform

I made this infomercial for Lyse when I was heading the development of their groundbreaking digital platform. The goal of the video was to explain what the platform did and convince internal stakeholders that this was good idea. The platform was implemented and changed the way Lyse did digital business. The video is made entirely by me.

Innsiktendo prototype

A quick stopmotion of the process of building a cardboard prototype of my Innsiktendo-project. I did this with the brilliant Magnus Nesse Østrem.

When technology is more important than customers

An animated short film I made for the Lyse group that highlights the mistake they had made and the unmapped consequences of that decision. This video ultimately flipped the decision. It is classified, so I cannot embed it here.

Three Big Idiots

A promo I made for the stupid bet for my friends mid life crisis/40th birthday. We bet who could run a sub-sea half marathon the fastest. Or rather; who would end up in the hospital last... None of us were runners, yet we all finished the race! My time was 2:40:04.

Personlig strømabonnement

A concept video I made for the Lyse group about personal electricity contracts. It's a brand new way of viewing an electricity contract and I think it's a fantastic idea, but the concept went nowhere. The video is classified, so I cannot embed it here.

Chatbot promo

A promo I made for a working chatbot that I made myself from scratch for the Lyse group. Chatbots were all the rage back then, but we took a different approach than most. We wanted it integrated into a human to human conversation, to ease mundane processes. The bot had potential to shave waiting and resolution time significantly, but was ultimately scrapped due to politics. The video is classified, so I cannot embed it here.

Workplace propaganda

The Lyse group was one of the first companies in Norway to implement Workplace, or Facebook At Work which it was called in the beginning. The was much resistance within the companies and we had to made convincing arguments and ultimately videos, for why a collaborative and modern tool like Workplace was needed. I made five videos along with the brilliant animator Tim Levang. These videos are classified, so I cannot embed them here.

Rator prototype

This was a whole new take on a newssite that I made for NRK. It was an attempt to fix the annoyance of going back and forth between articles and a front page. The prototype worked really well, and the test users loved it, some even demanding it being fully implemented. But the project was scrapped due to prioritization. The video is classified, so I cannot embed it here.

Forestry in the city

Stopmotion of my brother and I cleaning up the front yard of the house we inherited. It was a thick forest and we made it into a nice garden.

One Night Stand-up

This is a video from one of my stand-up shows. I keep it under wraps for now...