I have had great joy in life from not being afraid of what others think of me, and to be on a stage and present something. I want my daughters to have the same qualities, and I've started that work already by making a game for them. They love to use their bodies to express themselves and constantly figuring out what works and what doesn't. So I made Teatris for them, a mix of theatre and Tetris. The game is simple. There are 108 cards with illustrations of things to do with your body. You pick a card and follow the instructions. If you succeed, you can keep the card and build something with all the cards you gather (that's the Tetris element). You use both your body and your brain in this game, and the kids absolutely loves playing it.


I designed and built my own arcade machine, including the software! It's custom made for Lyse to extract important data points and make them accessible for anyone in the cantina. It's a brand new, and really fun, way to display data. I've done two talks about the process behind this product.

Medvind Mixtapes

My kids love to dance and sing. But they can't turn on music themselves. And we only have Spotify playing on a Bluetooth speaker, which means we have to get our phones out all the time. And we want to limit the amount of screen time in front of the kids. So I made this device that the kids can operate themselves. They have their own cards that trigger their favourite songs, albums and playlists. Now they get to decide themselves and they love it!


My eldest daughter has gotten very interested in math and doing assignments. She loves those books with 'find five errors', mazes, math and other questions in them. So I made her my own book for Christmas. It's filled with 48 different assignments, all made out of her toys or her family members. She gets to count, read, and do puzzles with familiar objects from her life.

Marble run

I built this in six hours for my daughters with only material I had lying around. No purchases was done to make this. It's a marble run with their favorite Disney characters, fitted with a fidget spinner and rubber bands! The kids absolutely adore it, and play several times a day.

Ice Scream

I made these portraits of my daughters in collaboration with Thorbjørn Endrerud. They both love ice cream and I was lucky enough to take these snapshots of them when they were both 3 years old eating ice cream. I thought the photos were good enough for some art, and voila: Ice Scream and Ice Scream Too.


I made this ribcage bow for my youngest daughter who loves to climb on things. She's such a little monkey, I just had to build something she could master to climb. She got it for her first birthday and absolutely loves it. The bow can be fliped on the side and act as a counter for a cafe or a store, or even as a boat if it's fliped all the way around. A versatile toy that the kids play with daily. I did everything myself for this toy; the design, woodwork and painting.

Cassette lamp

I have a deep hole in my heart where cassettes used to be. As a kid, I loved listening to music on these magic plastic boxes, and I also have a thing for making lamps. So I combined these two interests of mine and made a lamp out of old cassettes.

Rocking horse

When my first daughter was born I really wanted to build toys for her. The first one I made was this rocking horse. I've designed it myself and did all the woodwork and painting along with my father-in-law. The horse has been in daily use since.


Our wedding was a hoot. We rented an old brewery and made different art installation in the many chambers there. One of them was the ballong forest, a dark room with a forest made out of illuminated balloons. The glowing balloon trees made for a very quiet and serene atmosphere.


I made this cheese in collaboration with the amazing Stavanger Ysteri. It's made from bacteria from the belly button of Einar Tørnquist, and was used as a prop for the TV-show Brille. I made the packaging design myself, and the cheese is, believe it or not, quite tasty!


My wife and I really miss hiking mountains and exploring jungles now that we have small children. Those adventures will return to our lives eventually, but for now we are house bound with the little ones. To ease this longing I made a jungle out of our staircase. So we can pretend we are climbing a mountain in a jungle in our very home. There are several animals living in the jungle, including a talking parrot! The kids absolutely adores our jungle and we say goodnight to all the animals every single night.


My kids love balancing on things, so I made this balacing bar for them. It's super simple, but they really love it. The smart thing about this is how the legs work. They are swingable, which makes for very easy storage, despite the large size!

Slide lampshade

I bought tons of slide photos at a flea market in New York from an old couple who had collected them while traveling Europe in the 60s. Since I don't have a slide projector I had to do something else with them, and decided to make a lampshade. The result is pretty decent and I've used this as a lamp in my living room for years now.


As office manager at the Lyse group, I bought table tennis for the office. We quickly realized that everyone thought they were the office champion. So I made this IoT-device to keep track of the scores and know once and for all who is best.

ViewMaster wedding album

I decided I didn't want a traditional wedding album and made one with a ViewMaster instead. The album consists of eight discs with different themes from the wedding (friends, food, family, entertainment etc) in a custom box with the illustration I made for our wedding invitation. The only way to see these photos are in an old school ViewMaster. Because of this, we've frequently look at them and guests from our special day love to see them too. I doubt they would like to see them in a traditional album.

Suction cup phone holder

I got really into playing squash when I lived in Oslo, and played a lot with a friend of mine. We are both very competitive and equally bad at keep track of the score. So I made an app that did it for us, but that required our phones to be available at all times. So I constructed this phone holder with a suction cup, so the phone could be mounted on any surface and be easily accessible while we played. All we had to do was tap the screen whenever we got a point and the two phones would sync up to keep the score.

Eskimo cutting board

I had a tiny slot inbetween the wall and an appliance in my kitchen that would be perfect to store a cutting board, but I couldn't find one with the right dimensions. So I made one. It had a branch knot almost at the middle, so I drew an eskimo fishing in it.


Mental health is a passion of mine, and when a friend across the country was depressed over a long period of time I had to make something for her. It's an envelope you can open multiple times and inside is a hug. It was wrapped in a custom made box made out of a fleamarket record cover. The idea was that she could open up this clothespin whenever she needed a hug. It worked!

Connect the dots-calendar

My father got diagnosed with Alzheimers when he was in his early 60s. I made this calendar for him in an attempt to make it easier for him to keep track of time, and to have a little fun every day. It was a completely custom made calendar where you draw one line every day and at the end of the month, you'd drawn an animal! My dad was 100% dependent on writing down everything he had to do, so this a huge help for him, at least until he got too sick to have to care what day it was.

Safari bingo

My brother got married in South Africa and the whole family went down there. I took my parent on safari while we were there and I made this bingo game to lighten up the mood, since they were a litlte anxious about safety. My dad loves any competition, so it was a home run for him. Everyone got a unique sheet and the winner got a special prize.

Juice camera

I wanted to try to make a pinhole camera and ended up making one inside a juicebox. It worked as good as any pinhole!

Custom made bin

There was limited room for a bin in my second apartment, so I built my own to fit perfectly between the stove and the sink. It had it's own plastic bag room underneath with a door, so I could easily add more plastic bags to the compartment. Once a bag was full of trash I could reach down through a hole and grab another one from that compartment. It saved a ton of space, time and frustation. When I sold the apartment the new owners insistent on keeping the bin there.

Five second time machine

This was a silly little time machine that I built for my girlfriend. It had a switch for future or past, and when you hit the button a very bright flash would appear out of nowhere and you travelled five seconds back (or forward) in time. Which is pretty good considering I made it myself. It was a really fun toy that we had a lot of fun with.


In the time before music streaming I made these Idioteque mixtapes. They were USB memory sticks packed in a cardboard container that looked like an old fashioned cassette. On the stick was an mp3 file with an hour long mixtape. No tracklist. No skipping. No convenience. Just good music. I made a series of 10 different mixtapes that were distributed among friends and strangers.

Iggy Popart

I got a hug from Iggy Pop in 2004 and took a pretty decent photo of him during that gig. When I got home I made a big print of it and combined the top half of his face with some pop art. Making it Iggy Popart. It fit perfectly and hung on my wall for years. A nice little play on words, plus fun art on my wall reminding me of a fun night.

Idiot game

I made this card game just to see if I could make something engaging. The game was simple. The circles on the cards had value and each card was unique. The game was a fast paced grab fest where you would collect high value cards. I played it with a ton of friends and we had a great time with it!

Pull out cards

I enjoy a good challenge and making my own pull out card is a fun one. I've done it several times and really like trying to figure out how to make four or five different elements to move independently with just one pull. The example photo here is the backside of a card with five moving parts.

Every Breath Is A Gift

I got a chance to decorate a store front window in downtown Stavanger and since I had just become a father for the first time, I wrote "Every breath that is in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me" there. It was quoted and pictured by dozens on Instagram in the month it was up there.

I Love You (Too)

I did several urban art pieces in my 20s. This is one of them. Super simple: Just a note saying "I love you" and you can reply back by taking one of the strips. I placed them all of town and watched them spread joy and laughter, being emptied out of replies in notime.


I like making my own customes for occasions that call for it. My favourite ones have been this LEGO brick and walking around while being eaten by a shark.